How are tuition fees worked out?

Tuition fees work are worked out at £15 per half hour, with a small additional £3 materials fee each term, per student. This small fee covers a vast range of teaching materials & equipment necessary for making learning fun and learning. Such examples include (but are not limited to) a practice book per student, resources to encourage self-evaluation, stickers, certificates, items to go in the prize box, composing computer packages, access to apps, supplementary materials used in lessons, games, sheet music, theory materials.

Students are required to enrol for a full term, although a one off pre-paid taster session may be booked before you decide to enrol. Payment for each term must be made before the term begins, otherwise the student will risk potentially losing their desired slot.

Enrolment must be for a course of piano tuition OR theory tuition, and cannot be mixed and matched (don't worry, basic theory is still covered in piano tuition). Please click Lessons to find out the options best suited to your needs. If you are still unsure, please Contact Us and Jenn will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

 Books, exam entries and competition entries are paid for separately. Students will not be entered for exams or competitions until the entry fee has been received. Additional practice books are provided at no extra charge once the previous practice book has been completed. Lost practice books will be replaced at an additional charge.

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