A little about me...

'How do piano lessons work?' I hear you ask!

Well, that's easy! You turn up for lessons, I teach, you practice at home. It's as simple as that! I provide all material, you just need to find an instrument to practice on (more about that here).

I teach all Piano, Theory, Jenn's Shining Star and Jenn's Shooting Star lessons from my family home in New Barn, near Longfield, in Kent. Lessons are in a quiet room at the front of the house, which can easily be seen from the quiet road - which from experience has proven to be ideal for parents wishing to teach their child a little more independence whilst still being able to keep a non-intrusive eye on them.

Learning an instrument takes patience and commitment, but with lessons provided weekly each term of the academic year, you could be on the path of musical enjoyment a lot sooner than you thought. All I ask is that you stay committed and practice (again, more on that here).

Who am I?

I am a qualified classroom teacher and I hold Qualified Teacher Status. Put simply, this means that not only have I worked very hard to master knowledge of the piano, but I am also qualified to teach. I'm a classically trained pianist and play at Grade 8 level.

I passed my GTP Teacher Training with an 'Outstanding', back in 2013. Although I taught all subjects within the primary curriculum, I specialised in teaching music.

I have many years of experience working with children of all educational abilities and backgrounds - having taught in primary schools, Special Educational Needs (SEN) classes, and privately in one to one lessons. I have been teaching the piano for thirteen years and as well as my teaching qualifications, I also hold qualifications across a wide range of subjects, including a degree in Psychology , a diploma in Music Therapy, and a diploma in Life Coaching, amongst others.

I am a classically trained pianist, however I enjoy playing and teaching a wide variety of genres to my students. These range from Classical, Blues, Jazz, Lyrical, Showtunes, Pop, Modern, and so on. If there is a particular style or composer that my students have shown an interest in, I always welcome the chance to find new music for them!

I pride myself on my approachable, friendly and supportive approach to teaching, and I enjoy working with students of all ages. I uses my experience of classroom teaching to write lesson plans for each student, ensuring that every part of the lesson is spent effectively learning. I also works closely with students and parents to ensure that the student’s interests are included and satisfactory progress is being made throughout the year. I work alongside the student while completing theory work, marking the work & annotating lesson plans, noting where students have excelled and where further input is required. Rather than using a ‘made for all’ approach, I am able to work from a wide variety of method books and use my extensive knowledge to find the learning journey that is best for each student. I also uses many self-assessment techniques in lessons, encouraging students to take ownership of their own learning.

My students currently uphold a 100% pass rate in Piano and Theory examinations under the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM). I enjoy helping students to reach their full potential by preparing them for such exams, as well as providing support to students studying music for G.C.S.E. and A Levels.

Playing the piano can be very rewarding and relaxing, and I am just as enthusiastic about working with students that wish to play purely for their own enjoyment, with no exams or performances on their learning journey.

My mission

It is my personal mission to allow music education to be available to everyone, no matter their age or background. I believe that all adults and children should be able to access a musical education, which is why I do not put an age limit on students that I take into my studio.